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Welcome to Mindful Eating

Hey, there's a new coach in town. As some of you may already know, I have an  exciting new career as a Mind Body Eating Coach. And now I'm starting a newsletter for the growing community of people interested in mindful eating.  

Can you recall the last time you paid attention to what you were eating and truly savored the experience? How often do you prepare or order what you really feel like eating without worrying whether it's good or bad or whether eating it will cause you to gain weight? 

On a mission to help us achieve optimal health of mind, body and spirit, I want to change our perspective, and dieting is not on my menu. The truth is that diets don't work.

Following a diet, or an external set of rules may help you lose weight temporarily. In the long run, restrictive eating leads to overeating, and most dieters regain the weight they lost along with a few extra pounds.

Do you feel out of control with food? Frustrated that you can't stick to a meal plan? Is your mood affected by your weight and body image? Do you suffer from poor digestion, fatigue, and low energy?

I would love for you to join me as I share the latest news in the field, wins from my clients’ experiences, and tips to guide you toward a healthy relationship with food and body.

Your friend,  Susan

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