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I am a Mind Body Eating Coach and Workshop Facilitator, certified by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and Am I Hungry ®️.  I specialize in helping clients manage their relationships with food, body image and weight. I provide support with issues of stress management, compulsive eating behaviors and mind body connection. My approach is based on non-judgmental self-acceptance and achievement of personal goals.


I am also certified as a Mindful Eating for Bariatric Surgery Coach and Facilitator certified by Am I Hungry ®️. Mindful Eating is a highly effective educational tool for bariatric surgery patients pre and post-procedure. By participating in individual or group coaching sessions, workshops, and support groups, bariatric surgery patients in Mindful Eating programs learn to examine and address their maladaptive eating behaviors, recognize their triggers for emotional eating, and learn practical techniques to cope with their new realities. Patients are encouraged to maintain a connection with their bariatric team for long-term success. As a result the Mindful Eating modality can improve the outcomes of surgical procedures and decrease complications due to maladaptive eating behaviors. 


Additionally I am a retired foreign language and ESL teacher. I am fluent in Spanish, Hebrew and French.

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